Find ’em Safe Scent – From a Childhood Dream

Search dogs and bloodhounds are usually called to action when a person disappears. However, the trail can quickly go cold. Sometimes the smells and scent around us may be inconstant, making it harder for the bloodhounds to trace missing people. This is where the Find ’em Safe Scent comes in handy. The kit helps police track missing people quicker through a simple swab. The Find ’em Safe Scent was developed by Dr. Coby Webb, who has spent a significant amount of time in the law enforcement agency and is a trained bloodhound handler. Dr. Coby Webb is also a mother of twins. As a law enforcement officer, she has helped solve several missing people and criminal cases.

Ever since Dr. Coby Webb was a little girl, she knew that she wanted to be a k-9 handler. Her ultimate objective was to work as a law enforcement officer. Growing up, she had a loving, sweet chocolate lab called “Smiley”, and it was at this point that Dr. Coby Webb knew that she wanted to get a job where she would spend the day with a dog. Dr. Coby Webb has always been passionate about making a difference and helping people, particularly in circumstances that have a high sense of urgency and where time is crucial. She knew what she wanted to do and how she wanted to spend her life.

Consequently, it was just a matter of discovering how she could achieve this goal. Once Dr. Coby Webb became a canine trainer and got into law enforcement, she had massive success in terms of locating and finding missing people. No matter whether she was in the middle of shopping, sleeping, or dinner, Dr. Coby Webb and her k-9 always quickly arrived on the scene whenever she was called by dispatch to look for a missing or lost person. However, there were several situations when Dr. Coby Webb wasn’t successful in finding the missing or lost person. This troubled her deeply, and the thought of driving home without finding somebody who was missing was devastating for her. At times like this, she often wondered whether there was something that she could have done differently that would have made a difference. She started to realize that one of the main things that hampered her ability to locate missing or lost people in the searchers was that there wasn’t a good scent article.

Throughout her career as a k-9 handler, Dr. Coby Webb has been fortunate enough to work alongside exceptionally trained dogs, which can efficiently discriminate on scent for hundreds of missing people cases. In these situations, a dog is usually provided with a scent article from the missing person or the individual you would like to locate. Every individual has a unique scent, just like they have unique fingerprints and DNA. Dogs have highly sensitive noses and are useful in identifying different scents from one individual to another. This is a strength, as well as a weakness. It is a strength because once the k-9 is provided with their right scent article, it can easily find the missing person. However, it is also a weakness since sometimes the sent articles may be contaminated, hindering the ability of the k-9 to find the lost person. One way in which a scent may be contaminated is if there is more than one person’s smell contained in the article.…

Is your dog a fussy eater


Most humans have at least one type of food that they won’t eat – either because they were ‘force-fed broccoli’ as a child and have never recovered from the trauma, or because they simply don’t like the taste. In the same way, pets can be fussy about their food, and if you smell the contents of a ‘budget’ tin of dog food it’s not hard to see why they would turn their very sensitive noses up at it! As well as being nutritious and full of the right essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, pet food should be appetising, encouraging your dog to eat regularly. But what can you do to encourage a truly ‘fussy eater’ to stick to a healthy diet?

What NOT to do…

The worst thing that an owner can do is indulge their pet’s fussy fads. Most dogs will eat whatever is put in front of them, but if they start getting too picky or choosy about their food, pandering to their demands reinforces negative behavioural patterns and can compound the problem. Not only could this get expensive if your dog develops a taste for organic chicken breasts, for example, but you could also be damaging their health by upsetting the balance of vitamins and nutrients your dog really needs. Fussy eating is in most cases, a psychological condition and this behaviour needs to be corrected. However, if your pet is off their food completely rather than just becoming merely fussy, consult a vet to ensure that there is not a more serious underlying health problem.

Changing behaviour patterns

As much as it goes against a pet owner’s nature, hunger is the best cure for a dog that’s become a fussy eater. Make sure that when you do put food down, it is appetising and encourages the dog to eat. Brands such as Eukanuba and Arden Grange use natural ingredients that are designed to be both nutritious and appetising. By introducing a ‘little and not too often’ routine for a couple of days, you should be able to cure your fussy eater of its habits very quickly.

The Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a very intelligent dog, that loves everyone. They are big dogs, but they are practically harmless. They are excellent with children, and also with other pets. Sometimes they tend to be a pain in the butt sometimes, BMD’s never really stop being a puppy or trying to be.


They are very social dogs and are not recommended to be kept outside to live. Also, if you live in something like an apartment, they would not be the best dog for you. Also, if you live in really hot areas, that’s not the best for them.

The only common health problems are, joint issues and they are prone to cancer (No particular kind).

They shed ALLOT, not recommended for people that have allergies. A good brushing everyday should minimize the shedding a bit.

They are believed to be from Switzerland, but that’s not a known fact, they don’t exactly know where they came from originally.

Studies have shown, that just a few years ago, these dogs lived allot longer then what they do now. So many people do not breed them properly or over breed them, something that is happening with allot of dogs. Before, they would live from 10-12 years, now its 6-8, normally.

Height Males: 23-28 inches.

Height Females: 22-27 inches.

Weight Males: 85-110.

Weight Females: 80-105.

Overall they are a pretty cool dog, not to mention how freakin’ cute they are. I kind of look like them. I have brown, black and white on me. Though, I guess that doesn’t count when I’m a Rat Terrier, Jack Russell, something or another. Ha!

The Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

As you can tell by looking at one, they need more care then allot of other breeds, especially with their hair. They need brushing everyday if possible and they could use a good haircut every once in a while. Though, they might need some good hair accessories. I personally think other dogs with allot of hair look so good with them. Since I don’t have enough hair to wear them… Sad I know.

Even though they have all that hair, they do not shed that much (unlike me) and they are a very good dogs for people who may have allergies.

Yes, they are very good family dogs, but not recommended if there are little kids. They don’t like being grabbed hard or thrown around. I don’t like that either. Be nice to us doggies.

A Shih Tzu can live up to 10-15 years. On a good diet and well taken care of. The most known health problems for them are kidney infections and eye problems. You can buy doggie eye drops for them, because they do tend to have quite a few problems with their eyes.

More often then not, they have some problems with their breathing. Most likely when they drink water. It’s best to watch that. Because their noses are smashed up and flat, they can suck water up their noses. Though I can’t laugh, I do that all the time.

They absolutely LOVE being spoiled, but often get jealous when you ignore them. They are not a great dog if you are gone allot, they get lonely very easily. Oh I know how they feel, if my people were gone. I’d be sad too.

These dogs would be the ideal companions for seniors who spend copious amount of time at home and could use a furry companion. There are even programs local to you, which can help you find your next furry friend. Check out this feature on the positive effects of a furry companion for mom and dad as featured on this long-term care site.

They are defiantly a good dog to pamper with awesome accessories, such as fancy bed, collars. All that good stuff. 

Weight 9 – 16 lbs – Depends on how many treats they get.

Height: 8 – 11 inches.

Potty Training Your Puppy

potty training for puppy

Ok so, when getting a new puppy. You obviously have to potty train them.

This is what the call “The Bonding Process”. It’s a really good time to get to know your puppy.

Some people get mad too quickly because their new dog will never learn, or is afraid of them. Well, you can’t blame that on us dogs. You can’t expect us to learn right away.

It takes time and patients. You have to watch what you do and how you act.

1) You should never punish them for potting in the house if you did not see them do it. That will only confuse them. If you see them do it, pick them up and take them outside right away.

2) Always make sure you take the dog in the same place when it’s being potty trained. You don’t have to, but it’s recommended.

3) Reward the dog when they have done what they’re supposed to.

4) Never leave water out all the time for them, give them as much as they need. Then put the blow away. It’s so that they don’t have as many ascendants in the middle of the night.

5) Try and take your dog out at about the same time every day, they will learn quickly when it’s time to go out every day.

6) It’s probably best to keep them in one area of the house or in a kennel so you can keep a good eye on them.

So people, it just takes time. Don’t be mad at them quickly.


Another tip, most puppies don’t have much control over their bodily functions. So like, they may go potty without knowing they’re doing it. That never lasts long though. They should stop doing it when they are a few weeks old. If not, you may want to take them to a Vet to see if there’s something wrong.

I will say, most male dogs are harder to train than female dogs. WHY? Well because us girls are just so much smarter. Honestly, though, They will pee on anything if it stands still long enough. That’s all part of “Marking Their Territory”. Boys will be boys, what can you do?

Nothing to worry to much about though.

Oh and when their bigger and all potty trained, you should totally get some awesome, fly, cool collars. Some sweet accessories, ya’ that’s what I’m talking about. <33

People food that’s not for dogs

I know that some of you guys really like to give your dogs food off the table. Yes, I love it when my people give stuff to me, BUT what you may not know is, some people’s food you give to your dogs could actually be harming them. So here are some tips on what to NOT give your dog.

1) Dough. It can rise in their stomach if they eat too much. Since it’s mushy most of them don’t chew it which can also make them choke.

2) Chocolate. It can cause heart problems, kidney problems, and vomiting/diarrhea.

3) Onions/Garlic. They can cause dogs to lose blood cells. Or not produce them. It can cause loss of hunger. Also makes them dizzy. Though it takes quite a few pieces of onion to cause damage.

4) Avocados. YOU DON’T WANT TO GIVE THOSE TO YOUR DOG. They are absolutely horrible for them. They have a toxin in them that causes damage to their whole bodies.

5) Alcohol. Please watch out, even though you may not think you dog would get into it. If you have a beer on the table and walk off, you dog could spill it. If your dog consumes alcohol it could get alcohol poising very easily.

6) Grapes/Raisins. They can give dogs stomach and digestive system problems. Those problems can lead into vomiting, and the runs (Poops).

7) Energy Things. Any kind of energy things/bars can cause a fast heartbeat. This may lead to a heart attack.

8) Nuts. You really don’t want to give them nuts. Can cause stomach issues and intestine problems.

Always watch out at what you give them. You might not think anything about it, but it’s best to be safe then sorry.