People food that’s not for dogs

I know that some of you guys really like to give your dogs food off the table. Yes, I love it when my people give stuff to me, BUT what you may not know is, some people’s food you give to your dogs could actually be harming them. So here are some tips on what to NOT give your dog.

1) Dough. It can rise in their stomach if they eat too much. Since it’s mushy most of them don’t chew it which can also make them choke.

2) Chocolate. It can cause heart problems, kidney problems, and vomiting/diarrhea.

3) Onions/Garlic. They can cause dogs to lose blood cells. Or not produce them. It can cause loss of hunger. Also makes them dizzy. Though it takes quite a few pieces of onion to cause damage.

4) Avocados. YOU DON’T WANT TO GIVE THOSE TO YOUR DOG. They are absolutely horrible for them. They have a toxin in them that causes damage to their whole bodies.

5) Alcohol. Please watch out, even though you may not think you dog would get into it. If you have a beer on the table and walk off, you dog could spill it. If your dog consumes alcohol it could get alcohol poising very easily.

6) Grapes/Raisins. They can give dogs stomach and digestive system problems. Those problems can lead into vomiting, and the runs (Poops).

7) Energy Things. Any kind of energy things/bars can cause a fast heartbeat. This may lead to a heart attack.

8) Nuts. You really don’t want to give them nuts. Can cause stomach issues and intestine problems.

Always watch out at what you give them. You might not think anything about it, but it’s best to be safe then sorry.