Find ’em Safe Scent – From a Childhood Dream

Search dogs and bloodhounds are usually called to action when a person disappears. However, the trail can quickly go cold. Sometimes the smells and scent around us may be inconstant, making it harder for the bloodhounds to trace missing people. This is where the Find ’em Safe Scent comes in handy. The kit helps police track missing people quicker through a simple swab. The Find ’em Safe Scent was developed by Dr. Coby Webb, who has spent a significant amount of time in the law enforcement agency and is a trained bloodhound handler. Dr. Coby Webb is also a mother of twins. As a law enforcement officer, she has helped solve several missing people and criminal cases.

Ever since Dr. Coby Webb was a little girl, she knew that she wanted to be a k-9 handler. Her ultimate objective was to work as a law enforcement officer. Growing up, she had a loving, sweet chocolate lab called “Smiley”, and it was at this point that Dr. Coby Webb knew that she wanted to get a job where she would spend the day with a dog. Dr. Coby Webb has always been passionate about making a difference and helping people, particularly in circumstances that have a high sense of urgency and where time is crucial. She knew what she wanted to do and how she wanted to spend her life.

Consequently, it was just a matter of discovering how she could achieve this goal. Once Dr. Coby Webb became a canine trainer and got into law enforcement, she had massive success in terms of locating and finding missing people. No matter whether she was in the middle of shopping, sleeping, or dinner, Dr. Coby Webb and her k-9 always quickly arrived on the scene whenever she was called by dispatch to look for a missing or lost person. However, there were several situations when Dr. Coby Webb wasn’t successful in finding the missing or lost person. This troubled her deeply, and the thought of driving home without finding somebody who was missing was devastating for her. At times like this, she often wondered whether there was something that she could have done differently that would have made a difference. She started to realize that one of the main things that hampered her ability to locate missing or lost people in the searchers was that there wasn’t a good scent article.

Throughout her career as a k-9 handler, Dr. Coby Webb has been fortunate enough to work alongside exceptionally trained dogs, which can efficiently discriminate on scent for hundreds of missing people cases. In these situations, a dog is usually provided with a scent article from the missing person or the individual you would like to locate. Every individual has a unique scent, just like they have unique fingerprints and DNA. Dogs have highly sensitive noses and are useful in identifying different scents from one individual to another. This is a strength, as well as a weakness. It is a strength because once the k-9 is provided with their right scent article, it can easily find the missing person. However, it is also a weakness since sometimes the sent articles may be contaminated, hindering the ability of the k-9 to find the lost person. One way in which a scent may be contaminated is if there is more than one person’s smell contained in the article.