Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu

As you can tell by looking at one, they need more care then allot of other breeds, especially with their hair. They need brushing everyday if possible and they could use a good haircut every once in a while. Though, they might need some good hair accessories. I personally think other dogs with allot of hair look so good with them. Since I don’t have enough hair to wear them… Sad I know.

Even though they have all that hair, they do not shed that much (unlike me) and they are a very good dogs for people who may have allergies.

Yes, they are very good family dogs, but not recommended if there are little kids. They don’t like being grabbed hard or thrown around. I don’t like that either. Be nice to us doggies.

A Shih Tzu can live up to 10-15 years. On a good diet and well taken care of. The most known health problems for them are kidney infections and eye problems. You can buy doggie eye drops for them, because they do tend to have quite a few problems with their eyes.

More often then not, they have some problems with their breathing. Most likely when they drink water. It’s best to watch that. Because their noses are smashed up and flat, they can suck water up their noses. Though I can’t laugh, I do that all the time.

They absolutely LOVE being spoiled, but often get jealous when you ignore them. They are not a great dog if you are gone allot, they get lonely very easily. Oh I know how they feel, if my people were gone. I’d be sad too.

These dogs would be the ideal companions for seniors who spend copious amount of time at home and could use a furry companion. There are even programs local to you, which can help you find your next furry friend. Check out this feature on the positive effects of a furry companion for mom and dad as featured on this long-term care site.

They are defiantly a good dog to pamper with awesome accessories, such as fancy bed, collars. All that good stuff. 

Weight 9 – 16 lbs – Depends on how many treats they get.

Height: 8 – 11 inches.